WordPress.com set-up

Evidence of site (at the address you chose and Dr. Achterman has noted) due on Sept 1, 2013 at midnight

Read Intro & Chapter 3 in UWP

The site must show the following:

  • The site must show the following:
    • Posts -> only one post should appear
      • title it “first post” and write me a quick note there.
      • get rid of any other posts (WP defaults some in there)
      • categories – there must be some!
      • tags – there should be some!
    • Pages -> just two pages for now
      • be sure there is the About page we created in class
      • be sure there is the Favorite
    • Appearance -> Themes: choose Twenty Eleven (either by search or most popular) – you will get to have the theme of your choice later, but for now we are all working on this one.
    • Settings -> General:
      • give site a title and a tagline
      • change the timezone
      • choose the first date format (Month, date, year)
      • choose the first time format (1:01 pm)
      • week starts on Monday
      • language English (clearly!)
    • Settings -> Writing:
      • uncheck the “convert emoticons”
      • leave all others the same
    • Settings -> Reading:
      • check the “static page” and choose your “about” page that was written in class.
      • also choose Favorite page as your posts page.
      • choose the second button on visibility – “discourage search engines”
      • leave all others the same
    • Leave all other settings the same

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