Website Analysis

Website Analysis Assignment

Identify five different websites from each of these genres. At least two of the sites should be based upon or incorporate WordPress for (you may search>showcase or for sites meeting the WP criteria here).

  • an e-commerce web site (must have online ordering)
  • a government web site (any gov’t – city, county, state, US agency, foreign agency)
  • a media web site – generally what we think of as a news site (maybe even old mainstream – TV, Radio, Newspaper) – could be something that is “net-born” however (Politico, West Seattle Blog, Neon Tommy)
  • an entertainment web site (such as for a movie or game)
  • a non-profit web site

Create a post on your site for each of the five websites genres. Make a category called  “analysis” so they are easily located. If they are not in this category they will not be counted.

Include the following information for each site:

  • Site name and URL
  • Site description
  • Audience (your deduction)
  • Business/Site Goals (your deduction)
  • Technologies used (your deduction)
  • Homepage screenshot

example (this is from a graduate course at UW

At this point you will have 5 posts (with category “analysis”).

In another single post called “Genre: xxxxx” (Genre: eCommerce for instance)

Pick one genre for in-depth aesthetic analysis and find 3 more of that genre – for a total of 4 that will be in this single post.

  1. What are the similarities in visual design in these four websites?
  2. What are the differences?
  3. How effective is the visual design?
  4. Give evidence for your judgment.

example  (also from a graduate class)

Due midnight (actually 1158pm) Sept 15th

Graded on completeness; late assignments will have 10% per day deducted from score.

Total points: 200


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