Term Project – Website on WordPress.org

All written work on your site – the analysis and site maps, etc – DUE  to Discovery on November 26th @ noon  before presentations start. Whether you present that first day or later, all work is due at this time. I will take screen shots of your site, so please do not make any changes until you have presented in class.

Students will produce a prototype web site using WordPress as a content management system. Individuals might design a portfolio site, a site to sell a product or a travel site for example.

The prototype will be assessed based on aesthetics, usability, social network integration and creativity. The site must be hosted on WordPress.org.

Deliverables to include a project plan that builds upon the lessons from the semester:

Details (please give your document the underlined & bold headings here, cutting out the explanations):

Competitive Analysis (Copy/Paste these headings into a document). This is the essay portion of your assignment – it should resemble the Web Analysis you did at the beginning of the term.

  • Mission Statement for your site: 
  • Genre: What type of site is YOUR site?
  • Audience: Who is YOUR audience? A paragraph on the general audience for the site and….
    • Three personas
      • these can simply be the ones you did in class on 10/24, but you must include them.
  • Assessment: How do you know if the site is “successful?” — (donations, sign-ups, sales, etc)
  • Design: What are the design criteria? (is your site bold, soft, bright, plain – etc) – here are some good guidelines/questions to check out: Design Criteria
  • Analysis of Others (three sites like yours)
    • Org name, URL, home page screen shot,
    • Analytical summary, including “do-s” and “don’t-s”.
    • See Example here (this example is on a website – YOURs will be on a document)
    • Site 1:
    • Site 2:
    • Site 3:

Content Plan 

  • Site Map: this does not have to have much detail, simply a label for each piece of the site.
  • Wire Frame:  lots of detail here (see examples) – best done in a PPT and converted to a document or PDF.
  • Social Media tie-in: write at least a paragraph as to why particular social media tie-ins are  important to your site?
  • Marketing: how will your audience learn about your site? (another paragraph – dream big).

STOP HERE FOR THE DOCUMENT – LOAD TO DISCOVERY – should be a combination of .doc and .ppt or all in one PDF if you’d like.

Completed SiteI will compare your written work with what appears on your site

  • Should match up to your content plan
  • Should take advantage of your new knowledge of color, layout and typography
  • The following elements must be present:
    1. at least three good examples of writing for the web
    2. logical use of plug-ins
    3. at least one image or video per page – properly cropped and sized
    4. you may fill some pages with nonsense text, but I must know what WILL go there eventually.

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