Presentation dates are posted on the Schedule – if the time is inconvenient you may negotiate a switch with a classmate, but both parties must agree and I require an email that tells me of the switch. Both parties must be on the email sent to me.

The presentations will be approximately 6 minutes (max) – you may be shorter than that, but remember you are presenting to the class as if we are clients. You must sell us on the idea. There will be time for questions from your classmates, so be prepared.


  1. Share your mission statement.
  2. Give some reasons as to why you chose certain design elements – “I like pink” is NOT acceptable, but “Pastels will appeal to the younger audience I am aiming for” — that works. You must also justify use of images, typeface, even the theme – what do these say to the outside world?
  3. Speak briefly about your audience – who are they and how are you going to get them to your site?
  4. Finally – throughout you should be showing us around your site. Every link needs to work – you may have nonsense wording in parts where you are not done, but there needs to be text in some form to fill spaces so we get a sense of the layout.

99 Designs is a pretty great site for helping you to think through presentation – it is aimed at graphic designers, but gives some guidelines.

I suggest that just with any presentation – speech, Ignite in Mass Comm, reading scripture in worship – that you practice a fair amount. You may certainly use notes, but practice!

A word of warning: if you miss your date to present you will fail this portion of the assignment.

And – your attendance and engagement in others’ presentations will add to your participation mark – there will be response sheets handed out each day.


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