Here is the link to Web Fundamentals

There are 12 units on this — the very best thing is to complete one every night. It is a language and like any language – it takes practice and repeating. Trust me on this – I stopped and then had to go back and start again because I had spaced the first part.

When you finish – you must take a screenshot of the completion checks and turn email it to me by November 20th at midnight (you might have to shrink your browser or take two shots to get them all in). Sorry Codecademy doesn’t have certificates. 

OR – Codecademy says it will allow you to share a link to your profile that shows your completion. You may do that if you’d like, but I need proof you finished.Web_Fundamentals___Codecademy

I know this is more than a month away, but having a bit of HTML knowledge will help you navigate on your site more easily.


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