Achterman information:

Fee 18

425-889-5354 (office)

206-356-9233 (cell for text)


NOTE: For all e-mail correspondence, please make the subject line look like this: [COURSE NAME]: Subject of Message.

  • If you send an email to me, treat it as a professional means of communication. This means it should include a salutation, correct punctuation, and a proper closing. In addition – if you send a message without a subject line, it goes directly to trash – and you’ll get a kind of snarky auto-response from me.

Office Hours

  • M   most of the day
  • T    11a- 12:15p/3:15-4p
  • W   most of the day
  • T    11a- 12:15p/3:15-4p

Office hours can be used as a time to address problems, clarify ideas, request additional readings or materials, and review work in progress. If you are stuck, don’t stay that way. Come see me.

  • Twitter: Achterman
  • Facebook:  M Peg Achterman (friend this one – not the other me!)



All students are asked to take the Syllabus Quiz http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LHPD7MQ at the beginning of the semester (the due date and link will be on Discovery). This assures me that you have read the syllabus and understand expectations. There is one question on this quiz related to the links below. I suggest you read and listen to at least two of these. If you take this to heart you it will make a difference in your final grades in all courses!

Links for some questions on syllabus:

 Please read Student Email Guidelines (you’ll laugh- really)



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