Persona Exercise

guy gamer

A real name: Griffin Oakes

Age: 19

Personal info:

Grew up in a Christian home in Magnolia, loves lacrosse, playing drums, has two parents (a bit older than average). Active with youth group. A little distracted when it comes to school work.

 Work environment (not a job description!)

Lives in the dorms here at NU – doesn’t go to the library much.

 Computer proficiency and comfort with the Web

Comfortable with web and searching, but not super-techy. Very game oriented.

Info-seeking habits

Asks friends, shows friends around games, does research on web about things he’s interested in.

Attitudes, including pet peeves

A bit shy, cares about what others think. Gets impatient with himself easily.

Personal and professional goals

Wants to go on the road with a band or be a game developer.

Motivation: why would this person use your product?

Entering freshman at NU – has to use site for class.

Fill in the pieces of the worksheet
And email it to me.

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