Competitive Analysis

Geek Speak

Discussion : Design and Competitive Analysis

How to think about User Centered Design

Paper Prototyping (listen for verbs, watch for task focus)

In this class, the purpose of the competitive analysis is primarily to justify the overall strategy for the design.

  • The competitive analysis is a strategic document but it should acknowledge assumptions (or ‘knowns’) about site users
  • Any comparative analysis must rest on heuristics — rules. In the web world, defined/articulated user tasks are used as a method to determine how well visual design is executed (functional design).
  • In a generic page hierarchy  which elements should never deviate from this template?
  • Visual hierarchies are common in print — how are they used on the web and how might we use them on our own sites
  • What criteria are most important to compare when looking at competing websites?

Start to think about:

What are you building? (prep for final project) – hoping you’ve started to think about this. We thought about genres, domain names, we’ve started on usability.

Assignment for Today

What are the criteria you will use to analyze a competitive site? What sites are like yours? What is the format to use for your site? How can you identify your audience? Success criteria identified – how do you know you’ve succeeded?





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