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Setting up WordPress

Get up and pray for help all through the night. Pour out your feelings to the Lord, as you would pour water out of a jug. Beg him to save your people, who are starving to death at every street crossing. 

Lamentations 2:19 for Web

This is just the link for your convenience – and for downloading the checklist. You must upload the checklist to Discovery (I know – strange).

This is the same as the handout in class


Day 1


What we’re up to in this class

Getting to know each other


  • “Sandbox” site on
  • Website analysis
  • Bluehost name and registration worksheet
  • Website with your own domain on
  • Presentation
  • Final paper
  • Quizzes

Kelly Anderson video on design – answering some questions

Assignments by Thursday

Read the syllabus carefully and take this quiz.

Fill out this survey so I know your comfort level with technology.

Read UWP: Intro & Chapter 3