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Week 2 – Web Site Genres

  • Geek Speak: Reminders from Quiz –
    • blog = reverse chronological posts – journal-like (can live within a website)
    • CMS = Content Management System – WordPress is a CMS, so is Discovery.
      • = free, but controlled through simple website (browser-based)
      • = software loaded to a server, more flexibility
    • DNS = Domain Naming System
    • Parent = page under which another page resides
  • Image formats : ¬†GIF, JPG, PNG¬†(there are others – these are common)

Discussion : Design and Web Site Genres

Design is a process for developing solutions that effectively integrate task, context of use, and “user.” (read more)

We have to train our brains to analyze. Questions:

  • What is this site about? How would you explain it to a friend?
  • Who do you think is its audience?
  • Observations on design, navigation
  • Suggestions for the designer